Dělnický dům

Friday social is taking place in the beautiful space of historical social centre Dělnický dům in Židenice. Dělnický dům stop is only a few steps from the entrance.


Our studio in the area of old Mosilana is a bit hidden. So after a little bit of wandering you can enjoy amazing brunch. You can get to the area directly from the Vlhká stop, which is close to the Main train station. Then follow the signs towards the Building 15 and climb the stairs to the fifth floor.


The main party is located, as every year, in the Babylon cultural centre The closest bus stops are Sušilova or Smetanova. But it is possible to walk there from the city centre as it is nearby.

Café Atlas

Our regular Sunday socials take place in Café Atlas. So it must be one of our stops during Dark Blue Swing. It lies near the city centre, close to the Česká bus stop.

Music Lab

Music Lab is an open cultural space for music, theatre, dance and film located in the cellar area of the Faculty of Music of Janacek Academy.

The Dudes of Ellington

The band was founded in summer of 2016. They play mostly at private parties, balls and most importantly, cooperate closely with Swing Wings dancing community. All of them are graduates of Janaček’s Academy, Department of Jazz Interpretation. Lukáš even did it in one year! Their repertoire consist of songs from early 40’s, ensuring a good load of quality swing.

Petra Borovičková TRIO

Petra Borovičková Trio – a swing band from Brno full of energy. Playing mainly swing, jazz-latin and gypsy music, they consist of a vocalist, a piano and a double basse. With a range of jazz standards as well as original songs, they’re linked to dance communities in Brno, Olomouc and the whole region, providing them with melodic tunes mainly at dance socials and other concerts.

Heart of Dixie

Heart of Dixie is a professional 8-member swing orchestra from Brno, tailor-made in 2015 for local Lindy Hop community. Their repertoire consists of heavy big band hits, spiced up with more modern tunes and crazy dixieland vibe. The band can be seen at social dancing events, Lindy Hop and Balboa parties and festivals all around Europe. In last couple couple of years they visited Sofia Swing Dance Festival, Transwingvania Brasov Lindy Exchange, Orient Lindy Express in Istanbul, Dragon Swing in Krakow, Prague Xmas, Retro Weekend in Warsaw, Planty Hot in Dresden, BLHC in Plovdiv, Sevilla Swing Festival and many others. They’re a bunch of energetic guys who deeply love swing music, playing for dancers and guarantee to turn every event into an unforgettable night.

Django Jet

Django Jet is a Brno based band with a repertoire of swing as well as french gypsy jazz of 1930s and 1940s; Czech and French swing hits, as well as Django Reinhardt’s instrumental tunes full of temperament. Apart from Marie Gilbert, charmante main singer, two other members of the band take turns in vocal song, with the cherry on top in the form of impressive three-part arrangements. This time including a guest: a fine swinging cimbalist Jiří Gužík.

Reverent Juke

Born in 2015 out of the collaboration between the arranger Mathieu Najean and the dancer Sep Vermeersh, Reverent Juke has its roots in the golden era of swing. Born in Ghent, raised in Brussels, Reverent Juke is now attending Lindy Hop events everywhere in Europe.
foto: BRUX – Brussels Exchange

Miss Mikey May and The Organ Grinders

Blues and jazz singer, Mikey’s powerful and soulful vocals are inspired by the great jazz and blues divas and deliver a double-dose of musicality and emotion that radiate on and off the stage. In early 2016 she launched the Organ Grinders project with Jan Kořínek, world-class Czech Hammond organ player and band leader


A confusing name, huh? Don’t let yourselfs become fooled! AppenDixie is not a group of gastroenterologists, nor a beer-sausage-´n-dixieland band from one of the Prague’s many basements. It is a group of young musicians who fell in love with old jazz. They try both to combine various subgenres of old jazz (following the wishes of the bandmembers) and to respond to what the dancers ask for.
PS: Do not take the last sentence literally – we are NOT a jukebox.

Hot Brew

Four young guys from Czech Republic and Brazil, who are connected by their love for good old fashioned swing music, mainly for the music you know and love from Count Basie, Duke Ellington, Chick Webb and many more. They get together with the aim of playing for lindy hoppers and have played for dancers all around Europe. With their joyful energy and style, you won’t be able to keep your feet steady!

Restaurant Pavillon

Pavillon Restaurant, opened in August 2012, was created by combining two Brno phenomena – the famous Zeman café and the legendary Restaurant U Kastelána. The functionalist building in Koliště Park has a vast array of flavors and scents in any form.

Infinit Maximus

The thermal pools offers two outdoor pools and two indoor whirlpools. You can also enjoy an indoor whirlpool and relaxation pool and swim through a gate to a large outdoor pool with whirlpool bays. You can buy your favorite drink at one of our bars and take it to the pool. In the outdoor section you will find a salty whirlpool (salinity 1 to 2%).
The Maximus Resort Hotel’s SAUNA WORLD offers 12 types of indoor and outdoor saunas, including steam rooms and a Kneipp bath. You can cool down in many ways: by taking a shower, pouring a bucket of cold water over you, dipping into one of the four small cooling pools or jumping into the outdoor lake with clear blue water. Two fresh bars are available and you can also use the indoor and outdoor rest room with a fire place or outdoor relaxation zones with beach seats.


The code name of the most highly classified nuclear fallout shelter in Brno from the Communist era (1959) to protect the city’s and region’s political representatives. It had been built during the Nazi occupation as a civil defense (Luftschutz) shelter from American and Soviet bombardment of Brno. Access to 10-Z is being prepared by the public service company Americký fond. The main idea behind the project is to create from this originally military area a place of meeting, and make it accessible to the public.

Prime Minister Benny & his Clumsy Fingers

Celebrating men’s clumsiness and personal imperfections, our blues doesn’t fly smoothly like an eagle. It rather rumbles and creaks like a shaking old rusty tractor struggling in the mud. Of course, we kept some cheating and shotguns in the songs, nice little guitar solos from time to time, but generally we decided to follow a different path and so far we do consider ourselves being a bit special.
We’ve dug deep on the blues topic, starting with Chicago blues, went all the way down to the Mississippi delta, learned some gospels and work songs, that stuff where the roots of Afro-American groove begins.
Based in Brno Czech Republic, we closely collaborate with The Swing Wings community. Played at Slow Down and Jazzberry Hop festivals.

Animal Jazz

Animal Jazz is a dancing school from Madrid, which is with its philosophy and values a kindred spirit to Swing Wings. At the same time they are a great source of inspiration for us. Not only they have founded the dancing school, but they have expanded as a music school with jazz and swing classes and they have their own radio station as well. Animal Jazz are doing a great job in building their community even in such a big city as Madrid.
Foto: Nikola Gyulmezov


Energetic music project of Galia brothers and friends. Swing in the name of the band doesn’t set boundaries only on hits of 30’s & 40’s era but it well describes spirit of the band and it’s tribute to all great names of not only swing era but also the other jazz genres. With distinctive humour we also deliver songs from completely different style but with new facelift.

Brno | Czech Republic
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The first Dark Blue Swing was organized in 2014. We expected a decent Saturday swing night but we were surprised by our swing friends from the whole of Moravia, Prague, Vienna, and Krakow. We were taken by the unbelievable energy of the crowd bouncing in the swing rhythm. But with the growing community in Brno, one swing night isn't enough anymore. Today the Dark Blue Swing is the weekend full of dance evenings, parties, and concerts connecting swing dancers throughout the whole Europe. No lessons, no workshops, no hard work. Just having fun, eating, drinking, and listening to great swing and jazz, and dancing till morning.

What's new this year?

This year’s Dark Blue Swing will be much more local, however not less grandiose.
We are preparing a program for you assembled by the best swing bands and projects we have in Brno, including those that haven't been created yet and will come into existence only for the Dark Blue Swing Exchange 2020. The whole weekend will be self-indulgent not only music wise. Get ready for a sinful gastro experience, cosy winter atmosphere, swing dance social on skates and lots of small surprises we are preparing for you with love.

There will not be any classes during this weekend. The important is to have fun, eat and drink, listen to swing and jazz, and dance till morning!

I want to know more...

Why Dark Blue Swing?

The name of our event is inspired by a famous Czech song Dark Blue World (Tmavomodrý svět) composed by a Czech jazz legend Jaroslav Ježek. It's a blues song recounting his destiny. Ježek was almost blind - he could only recognize the shades of blue. Despite having problems with his hearing as well, his love for music led him to the career of a professional musician.

One of the famous Czech movies was later also named Dark Blue World. This movie tells a story of Czech RAF pilots during WWII. It's a movie full of inspiring fashion, insight into Czech history, and music by Jaroslav Ježek.

Music can often say what eyes don't see and resonates beyond what ears do hear...

ProgramVenues map

  1. Wednesday - Thursday

    Dark Blue Week

    You can look forward to a series of interesting lessons under the careful direction of a teacher’s team from the dance school Animal Jazz in Madrid. Lessons will take place in a form of open classes. More information and registration will be available on the Swing Wings website.

  2. Thursday


    Dance and music stories at Music Lab


    Teachers and organisers from Animal Jazz Madrid will talk about swing dance community in Spain, what it is like to own a dance and music school at the same time, and how they started a swing radio station. Next is a social with Brno musicians jam.
    The entry will be paid at the spot.

  3. Friday


    Light Blue Party at Dělnický dům

    19:30 - 02:30

    An interesting taster lesson by foreign teachers, a solo jazz competition, Jack & Jill prelims, stands with swing accessories and delicacies from Brno bakers. Two energetic bands will play for us – The Dudes of Ellington and Hot Brew!
    Afterparty in Music Lab

  4. Saturday


    Brunch at Mosilana factory

    11:00 - 14:00

    We will take you “home”and invite you to share what we love the most. Our cosy studio, delicious coffee roasted in Brno, culinary art of our Swing Wings Master Chefs volunteers, live music, dances and a lot of chilling!

    Dark Blue Ball at KC Babylon

    20:00 - 02:30

    The main dancing event will traditionally take place at KC Babylon as a grandiose ball. Taster lessons, Jack & Jill finals, performances. Musically, look forward to a big project created by Janek Čarek specially for this evening. Brno all stars, a small big band, great arrangements! Our beloved Heart of Dixie will play for you for sure.
    Afterparty in Music Lab with Prime Minister Benny & his Clumsy Fingers

  5. Sunday


    Swing, ice skating and mulled wine in Pavillon

    16:00 - 19:00

    Swing on ice at a timeless functionalist building of a former Zeman cafe. Swingalia will play for us while dancing, skating and relaxing. Gourmet experience will be provided by the nearby restaurant Pavillon.

    Wellness Maximus


    Choose how to finish up your weekend. Peace and quiet at a wellness centre or speakeasy after party in the bunker?
    For all who would like to return back to reality well relaxed and full of energy. Maximus is the biggest outside wellness in the Czech republic. 4 inside and outside thermal pools and whirlpools. 12 types of sauna, relax zones, a pond and fresh bars! Relax in the quiet or through long talks about swing.

    Bunker Party


    Speakeasy Lindy Blues Party
    After skating we will move to a traditional speakeasy party in the 10-Z bunker. Swing and blues by the Prague Miss Mikey May and The Organ Grinders who will be joined by Brno musicians at the end and together the will conclude the whole weekend.


Cancellation Policy: Due to the great interest in the festival canceling tickets is not possible. However, if your plans change, you can always offer your place to people who are not so lucky as you are. Put your ad on the fb event or send us email at pilot@darkblueswing.cz and we will connect you with the people from the waiting list.  

Full weekend pass

1400 Kč

Cena: 1400 Kč

  • Bleděmodrá tančírna v Dělnickém domě

  • Brunch v továrně Mosilana

  • Taneční večer Tmavomodrý ples v KC Babylon

  • Swing, bruslení a svařák


--------------- EN ---------------

Price: 54 Euro

  • Light blue party at Dělnický dům

  • Brunch at Mosilana Factory

  • Dark Blue Ball social at KC Babylon

  • Swing, ice skating and mulled wine

Sold Out

+ Speakeasy Lindy Blues Party

500 Kč

Cena: 500 Kč

  • Bunkr 10-Z

  • Miss Mikey May a The Organ Grinders + jam

--------------- EN ---------------

Price: 21 Euro

  • Bunker 10-Z

  • Miss Mikey May and The Organ Grinders + jam

Sold Out

+ Wellnes

560 Kč

Cena: 560 Kč

  • Infinit Maximus

--------------- EN ---------------

Price: 24 Euro

  • Infinit Maximus

Sold Out

Friday night party

380 Kč

Cena: 380 Kč

  • Bleděmodrá tančírna v Dělnickém domě

  • Brněnská kapela The Dudes of Ellington

  • Brněnská kapela Hot Brew

  • Taster lekce

  • Jack & Jill prelims

  • Solo jazz soutěž

--------------- EN ---------------

Price: 17 Euro

  • Light blue party at Dělnický dům

  • Brno band The Dudes of Ellington

  • Brno band Hot Brew

  • Taster lesson

  • Jack & Jill prelims

  • Solo jazz competition

Saturday night party

600 Kč

Cena: 600 Kč

  • Taneční večer Tmavomodrý ples v KC Babylon

  • Brněnská kapela Heart of Dixie + speciální hudební projekt

  • Taster lekce

  • Finále taneční soutěže Jack & Jill


--------------- EN ---------------

Price: 25 Euro

  • Dark blue social at KC Babylon

  • Brno band Heart of Dixie + special surprise

  • Taster lesson

  • Jack and Jill finals

Final price
Zaškrtněte toto políčko, pokud se chcete zúčastnit bruslení. / Check this box if you want to attend ice skating.
Pokud chcete bruslit, ale nemáte své brusle, tak sem prosím napište velikost vaší nohy a zda chcete pánskou nebo dámskou brusli. Příklad: dámské 39
If you want to skate, but you do not have your skates, write the size of your foot and whether you want mens or womens skates. Example: womens 39
Ve studiu bude probíhat brunch a rádi bychom věděli, zda máte nějaké diety.
There will be a brunch in our studio and we would like to know if you have any diets.
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